Welcome to CLC PhotoGraphics, LLC where we develop creative Purpose Driven Images.

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Welcome to CLC PhotoGraphics, LLC where we deliver Purpose Driven Images. #PhotographyNeverStops
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Company Overview:
We develop creative "Purpose Driven Images" such as: Portraiture, Photojournalism, Event/Concert/Parties/Festival Photography, Travel, Candid, Scenic/Landscape/Cityspace, Architectural, Sport/Action/Adventure, Environmental Portrait, Culinary, Food and Beverage, Product and Services and Boudoir, just to name a few.

Luke 11:36 "If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, the whole body will be full of light, as when the bright shining of a lamp gives you light." NKJ

General Information:
“Photography is a magic act – a little black box that can trap people and wild animals, strange places and well-loved ones, and bring them all back home. In the hands of a perceptive person, the camera possesses a unique power: it is a matchless recorder of moments, of people and of place; it can reproduce the past with a fidelity no other medium can match.” The CAMERA Time-Life Books (1970)

NAIC Codes:
541921 Photography services, portrait
541922 Photography services, commercial
711510 Photojournalists, independent (freelance)

Guestbook for CLC PhotoGraphics, LLC | All Rights Reserved | 2016
Great work! Best wishes ;)
Sara Venetti(non-registered)
Big UP for CLC. Big piece of great work. Nice photos
Karen Harper(non-registered)
It was nice viewing your site and the beautiful work you have done, thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work!
Melody Pesina(non-registered)
It was nice meeting and talking to you at the Networking and Fellowship Event this weekend in Maryland! I enjoyed watching your slide here on your site! You do amazing work! May God bless you in all you do in Jesus Name Amen.
The professionalism, creativity, support and direction CLC PhotoGraphics embeds into the experience of photography, guarantees the high quality of service and products. Thank you for the gorgeous images you made possible in our outdoor shoot!
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